We are a team of young professionals with a passion for fireworks. We are based in Třinec on the border between the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. We deliver our pyrotechnics mainly to the markets in Central Europe, but we operate throughout the EU and have experience with fireworks abroad. We deliver the highest quality goods and services to our customers at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on fairness, attitude and reliability.

Our products are 100% compliant with both technical and legal standards, certified for the European market and are highly reliable. We transport and store fireworks according to ADR principles. We behave responsibly, we are insured and we take care of safety during our fireworks and stage shows.

NV Fireworks s.r.o. is here for you dear business partners. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to be a reliable part of your business or to prepare an unforgettable show for you.